silk stretch fabric

Silk stretch fabric material: The fabric composition is 95% silk and 5% spandex.

Fabric Pattern: polka dots printed

Size: Width 44 /54inches (114/140 cm) and accept Customer’s Silk Fabric


Application Occasion: Apparel, Dresses,  Blouses,  Bridal, Special Occasion

Fabric Care: Hand wash recommended or dry clean below 30º water with silk detergent

Packing: Packaged individually with a clear label identification for the momme, width, and yardage

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This silk stretch fabric is made with a satin weave which is soft, yet supple and drapes beautifully. It is elasticized and ready for the needle. The front side of the fabric has a satin finish, lustrous and reflective, and the back has a dull finish. Great for special occasions or that special outfit.
The silk stretch fabric is a lightweight, luxurious, soft, and shiny fabric generally used in evening wear, lingerie, and bridal or wedding gowns. This fabric's gorgeous shine and soft drape make it ideal for bias-cut gowns, skirts, and blouses. Silk Stretch fabric can also be used as a decadent garment lining fabric and as a soft touch to home decor or bedding projects. The front of the fabric has a characteristic satin finish, while the back is matte.