plain silk

Plain silk material:100% mulberry silk

Type: Satin Fabric, Crepe Fabric, Silk Fabric

Fabric Pattern: Plain solid color

Color Choices: Customize colors or choose by color chart

Size: Width 44 /54inches (114/140 cm) and accept Customer’s Silk Fabric


Application Occasion: Apparel, Dresses, Bridal Dress, Flower Girl, Blouses, Skirts

Fabric Care: Hand wash recommended or dry clean below 30º water with silk detergent

Packing: Packaged individually with a clear label identification for the momme, width, and yardage

Plain silk belongs to plain crepe satin which is a regular fabric in all real silk fabrics. It is characterized by strong luster, smooth hand feeling, soft waxy drooping, high elasticity, and dense texture; the satin surface is smoother than the reverse side. Due to the strong twist of the weft thread, the shrinkage rate of this fabric is relatively large, and the luster decreases after being put into the water. Crepe satin is especially suitable for pajamas and bedding. In direct contact with human skin, it brings an unimaginable silky touch to the skin.
The fabric of plain crepe satin has a strong sense of luster, and the bright satin surface is very noble, and the satin surface is smoother than the reverse side. Plain crepe satin has a wide range of applications, such as clothing, scarves, ties, headgear, etc., and is the most widely used variety of silk fabrics.