pure silk fabric

Pure silk fabric material:  100%  mulberry silk

Color Choices: pure, customize colors, Small dye batch

Size: Width 44 /54inches (114/140 cm) and accept Customer’s Silk Fabric          Thickness(16,19,22,25,30Momme)

Packing: Packaged individually with a clear label identification for the momme, width, and yardage

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Pure silk fabrics are known for their lustrous shine and softness, silk charmeuse is a staple for luxury dresses and nightgowns. Silk Charmeuse is also ideal for use as bedding, dress or pajamas, and so on.
Pure silk fabric possesses not only the finest aesthetics but retains the fluid sophistication most sought after in silk fabrics. At the top of its class, Silk Fabric is a satin weave that allows this fabric to retain a soft feel and supple drape that most high-end designers crave. this fabric has many applications as it is composed of both a shiny face on one side and a matte face on the other.

Silk fabric is so popular because it is thought to be the highest quality silk and is produced by the mulberry silkworm. Although Mulberry Silk is the most highly regarded, you can even find different qualities of Mulberry Silk.