dyed silk fabric

Dyed silk fabric type: Satin Fabric, Crepe Fabric, Silk Fabric

Fabric Pattern: solid color

Color Choices: Customize colors or choose by color chart

Size: Width 44 /54inches (114/140 cm) and accept Customer’s Silk Fabric


Application Occasion: Apparel, Dresses,  Blouses, 

Fabric Care: Hand wash recommended or dry clean below 30º water with silk detergent

Packing: Packaged individually with a clear label identification for the momme, width, and yardage

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Dyed silk fabric belongs to georgette fabric silk which is a lightweight, semi-sheer cloth with a dry hand and grainy surface due to the high twist per inch of the warp and weft threads. It is strong and tear-resistant with a stiff hand feeling, easily dyed in any color, and is one of the most popular fabrics for printing. Silk Georgette is similar to chiffon in both drapes, less lustrous and springier than chiffon, but tends to be slightly heavier.
Dyed silk fabric (Silk Georgette) is created in both prints and solids and is used for trimmings, saris, evening gowns, dresses, and blouses also it is excellent to use as overlays, sheer inserts, scarves, and drape extensions.