If buy 100 mulberry silk fabrics, you need to care about aspects as follows:

First: Observe the appearance and feel of the fabric: the 100 mulberry silk fabric has a unique luster and feel. It looks smooth and does not look like a mirror. If the luster of the fabric is too bright, the feel is too stiff, or the silk thread is sparse, it may be a fake silk fabric.

Second: Check the burning situation, when the real silk fabric is burned, it will emit the smell of burnt hair, and the ash will brittle and brittle, and it will be dark gray. If there is a pungent plastic smell when burning, and the ash is not brittle and gray, it may be a fake silk fabric.

Third: Pay attention to the product logo and price: the price of real mulberry silk fabrics is usually higher, if the price on the product logo is obviously lower than that of similar products, or there is no clear product logo, you need to buy carefully.

Fourth: Choose a reliable purchase channel: choose a regular textile store, department store, or online e-commerce platform to buy silk fabrics, which can reduce the risk of buying counterfeit products.

Fifth: Conduct professional testing, If you are not sure whether the silk fabric you purchased is genuine, you can send it to a professional testing agency for testing to ensure product quality.

In short, the purchase of real silk fabrics requires various observations and considerations, which can be evaluated from the aspects of appearance, burning conditions, product identification and price, purchase channels, and professional testing. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to guard against counterfeit and shoddy products, so as not to affect the user experience and health and safety.

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